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ImageVaniyambadi is a town and a municipality, part of Vellore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has a sizeable Muslim population. People here speak Urdu language along with Tamil. Leather tanning is the major industry here. Agriculture especially Coconut plantation is the other major source of livelihood. 

The town is also famous for its popular food such as biriyani, various types of sweets and bustling activities during the Eid festivals. 



Vaniyambadi is situated in a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountains on all four sides. The Eastern Ghats form extensive range in north Arcot and the Javadi hills in the southwest are lofty with peaks as high as 3000 ft.   The Palar is the most important river in the district and it passes through Vaniyambadi. Palar divides into two branches at a place called Nekkundi.  And again, further east, the river bifurcates, and both merge out side the town. On the two islands thus formed, the main part of the town is situated. Vaniyambadi is located at 12.68° N 78.62° E[1].  


It is believed the name Vaniyambadi is derived from ‘Vanniars’, a Hindu community which is famous for oil extraction and its trade. The name of Vaniyambadi is also a traced to a mythology. Brahma and his consort, Saraswati had a quarrel over their role in creating this world. During their heated argument between the two, Brahma lost his temper and cursed his wife to be dumb for the rest of her life. While Saraswati continued to remain dumb, Brahma wanted to perform a ‘yagam’. Shiva appeared before Brahma and told him that his ‘yagam’ would be incomplete without the presence of Sarawati. So, Brahma released his wife Saraswati from his curse. Saraswati is also known as Vani. At the time when she was released from the curse, she was believed to be at this place. She regained the faculty of speech in this place and hence this place came to be known as “Vanipadi”. In due course Vanipadi became Vaniyambadi.


As of 2001 India censusGRIndia, Vaniyambadi had a population of 85,459.  Vaniyambadi has an average literacy rate of 68%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. Muslims make up most of the population. The city also has a sizeable hindu,Christian and Jain population.

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